Reflection Paper: Position Paper


Jefferson Ortega

ENGL 21003

Debra Williams

April 14, 2017


Reflection: Position Paper
An informative review and a position paper can sometimes be confused for each other for an audience perspective but the author knows exactly what they are writing. The informative review was different from the position paper because of the elements that were needed in each one. They both needed to be rhetoric since we needed a little of it in the informative review but the position paper required more of it. My main persuasive tactic was to use concessions first and start with the pros of cloning and then use plenty of counter arguments and lead in with the cons. The primary audience of my position paper are people already in the field as I did not need to put too much basic information into a position paper. The exigence of my paper is the dangers of cloning and what it can do for our future if it gets out of hand. The articles I retrieved were found in the CUNY library database and I picked the ones I did because they were perfect to show the negative effects of cloning and also why the positive effects are actually bad. I was easy to find the articles I needed because of the abstract which helped me identify the motivating issue of the article and helped me understand what the article was about. The process of writing this paper was easier with the help of the in class collaboration and circulation of ideas.